A silent installation allows you to deploy the Agent Console without displaying system prompts or popup windows during its progress. It runs through the installation wizard with default options selected.


For version 9.X:

Once the Agent Console application is downloaded, you can run Silent Install.To run silent Install and install application files and folders to a default location, use the following command :<installer-name.exe> -q
Installer-name is the name of the file you downloaded.

To silently install to a location specified by you, use the following command:
<installer-name.exe> -q -dir <path of folder to install to>
You may also opt to use an answer file, also known as a response file. This records any parameters on the installer command line, and subsequently inserts those parameters during a silent installation. An example of a response file utility is Install4J.

For version 8.X:

Step 1: Press WINDOWS KEY + R to open the "run" dialog box.
Step 2: Type in the location of your LivePerson setup file with the silent installation command: /s. Press enter to run the command.You can run a silent uninstall in a similar manner by running the path of the uninstall file with the same suffix as above.

Silent Install

The system now runs through the installation process silently without user intervention.The installation icon appears at the bottom right hand corner of your system tray.

Silent Install 2