You can exchange messages with other operators or administrators one-on-one. All conversations are completely transparent to visitors.
Private messaging enables supervisors to train and coach agents in a live- yet controlled- environment. Agents can also use this feature to share sensitive information with colleagues when handling complex requests, transfers and escalations


  1. Highlight an in-progress chat by clicking on the visitor
  2. Version 9.X: Right click on the chat and click Chat Actions > Send Private Message. Alternatively, from the menu bar, click Control > Chat Actions > Send Private Message.
  3. Version 8.X: Right click on the chat and click Send Private Message. You can also access the function from the menu bar: click Control > Send Private Message.
  4. The Send Private Message dialog box appears . Type the message and click OK (version 9.X) or Send (version 8.X). The message will appear in green in the agent's console. Any agent viewing the chat can see the message. While private messages are also shown in internal chat transcript reports, these exchanges are not included in transcripts that are sent to customers.
emptyStringNOTE:  It is also possible to send a private message when you transfer or reassign a chat. This can be used to summarize the chat for the accepting operator.

You cannot disable private messaging. However, you can set the agent permissions so that only their own chats are displayed. This effectively prevents the agent preventing him from messaging other users.