The Salesforce login page appears in the Alert Tab. When the agent opens the agent console alert tab, the regular Salesforce login prompt is shown.



For Agent Console version 9.X:

In the Agent Console, all the cookies (including SalesForce credentials) are saved in a file named cookies.sqlite.
  1. From the Agent Console click on the Alerts tab
  2. Place the mouse cursor below the alerts and right click on the mouse
  3. Select the Clear Cookies option
    clear cookies agent console

  4. Exit the Agent Console by clicking File > Exit

  5. Re-open the Agent Console
  6. Enter the correct credentials in the SalesForce alert

For Agent Console version 8.X:

  1. Exit the Agent console by clicking on File > Exit.
  2. Open your IE browser. Clear all cache and cookies and paste this URL:
  3. Close your browser
  4. Re-open the Agent Console.
  5. Enter your correct Salesforce credentials in the Alert tab.