In some circumstances , the agent sees a blank chat area after a chat has been accepted. Messages typed by the agent and visitor are not displayed. Text from a previous chat may be displayed instead. However, the text is correctly displayed in the visitor’s chat window.

emptyStringNOTE:  This article applies to older Agent Console versions (8.X and earlier). Versions 9.X and above are not affected.

Possible cause: 

  • A temporary HTML file has been corrupted
  • A temporary HTML file necessary for chat has a read-only attribute


To solve this issus, delete temporary chat _html files:
  1. Exit the LivePerson application by clicking File > Exit
  2. Verify that the user logged into the computer has read and write permissions to the %temp% folder
  3. Access your %temp% folder: Click Start > Run and type %temp%
  4. Delete all chat*.html files located in this folder. Including chat_0.html, chat_1.html, etc.
  5. Restart the LivePerson application
NOTE:  If you cannot locate the %temp% directory path, use Windows search to locate files named chat*.html and delete all files that follow this naming convention, i.e., chat.html, chat_0.html, chat_1.html, etc.