Canned response hotkeys using the Alt and Shift modifiers do not work.

Possible cause:

Canned response hotkeys that use both Alt and Shift modifiers may not work if you have multiple keyboard languages defined in Windows
This issue can occur when Microsoft Windows is set up to use more than one keyboard language. By default, Windows uses the Alt+Shift combination to switch between keyboard languages.


There are two options to resolve this conflict:

Option 1: Modify your canned responses to use a combination other than 'Alt + Shift'. This is done using the canned response editor in your Admin Console.

Option 2: Change the Windows systems settings to select different language selection hotkeys:
  • In Windows XP/Vista:
    1. Open your Control Panel in Windows.
    2. Select Regional and Language Options > Keyboards and Languages.
    3. Click Change keyboards > Advanced Key Settings (tab).

  • In Windows 7:
    1.Open your Control Panel in Windows.
    2. Select Clock, Language and Region > Keyboards and Languages.
    3. Click Change keyboards > Advanced Key Settings (tab)

  • In Windows 8:
    1. Open your Control Panel in Windows.
    2. Select Languages > Advanced Options > Change language bar hotkeys.