You can set up multiple instances of the Agent Console to run concurrently on your workstation.
You may need to do this if:
  • You need to access more than one LivePerson account simultaneously
  • You need to login to one account with different user names


For Agent Console versions 9.X:
Once your initial session is logged-in, double-click the LivePerson icon again to open another instance and log in with the second account or user-name.
emptyStringNOTE: To run multiple sessions on a single account you need to create additional user-names.

For Agent Console versions 8.X:
Version 8.X Agent Consoles allow you to set up multiple profiles within the console.

To open a new profile:
  1. In the Agent Console, click File > Profiles.
  2. In the Profile dialog box, click New Profile. A confirmation popup is displayed.
  3. At the confirmation popup, click Yes. A login dialog box is displayed
  4. Enter your account details: Site ID (account number) , User Name, Password -  and click Login. The new profile is added to the list and a new console window opens.
NOTE:If you exit from any profile (using File > Exit), you cannot restart it without exiting all the other profiles. Click File > Exit in each profile and then restart the application. All your profiles are opened.
To run multiple sessions on a single account, you need to create additional user-names.
To delete a profile, first ensure you are logged out from that profile. Click File > Profiles, highlight the account to be removed, then click Remove Profile.