The Agent Console has a predefined set of notification sounds for activities on your website and account. You can use these out-of-the-box sounds or you can replace them with your customized sound files.
The notification sound files should meet the following specifications:
  • Format of the file: WAV
  • Length of the sound: 2 seconds or less
  • Size of the file: 100 KB or less
  • If the WAV files is compressed, in needs to be compressed in a PCM method


To change the notification sounds:
  1. Enter the Agent Console

  2. For the Agent Console version 9.x: Click File > Preferences > Sounds (tab)
    For the Agent Console version 8.x: Click File > Settings > Sounds (tab)

  3. From the Type of Sound Event drop down menu select the requested event


  4. Select the Custom radio button and click Browse


  5. Select the WAV file that you want to be played when the event occurs

    • The selected file needs to be available from the specified location as long as you use it.
    • If you selected an audio file that is not supported, the Agent Console displays the following message:
  6. Click OK to save the changes