This article applies to the browser-launched Agent Console, also referred to as the Java Web Start (JWS) Agent Console. It does not apply to the installable version of the Java Agent Console, or the older version 8.X consoles.

While the browser-launched Agent Console runs directly from the Internet, several small components are saved to your computer. To completely remove this version of the Agent Console and all related components, use the following steps.


Windows XP
  1. From your Windows Control Panel open Java,  or run the following command line and proceed directly to step 2: javaws -viewer
  2. The Java Control Panel opens. Under the Temporary Internet Files option select View.
  3. Select all instances of LivePerson and remove them by pressing the red X. Screenshots can be found in the Windows 7/8 section.

At this point the icons and other LivePerson settings should be completely removed from your computer.Windows 7/8
  1. Click Start > Control Panel, and in the top search bar, type "Java". Click on the Java icon.
  2. Click on View at the bottom of the window:

    Java Control Panel

    Alternatively, click the Windows button, and enter "javaws -viewer" in the Windows Search field. The Java Cache Viewer is displayed.

    Java Cache Viewer

  3. In the Java Cache Viewer, right-click each instance of the LivePerson application and click Remove Selected Item.

Once each instance of LivePerson has been removed from the Java Cache Viewer, the LivePerson Agent Console and its settings are removed from your computer.