The Agent Console includes a built-in diagnostic log. The log file silently records important events sent to and from the LivePerson servers during initial startup, operation and through to shutdown. The log is an essential tool for Support in identifying and resolving technical issues affecting your account.


  1. Open the Agent Console and press the  Ctrl Alt Shift and F1 keys together.
    emptyStringNOTE: When using a Mac, please ensure that you have the F1 key set as a function key and not a Mac shortcut. This can be set under your 'System Preferences' by choosing the 'Keyboard & Mouse' menu and checking the 'Use all F1, F2, etc keys as standard function keys'
  2. In the Log Settings dialog box, set the log level to Advanced. Other log levels do not record certain operational events.
  3. In the Directory option press the 3 dots (...) and choose to save the log file to your desktop (optional)
  4. Shut down the Agent Console (File > Exit) and re-launch the application.

The log file is now running and will collect events from the moment it is launched until it shuts down. During this time you should attempt to replicate the issue you experienced  (several times if possible)When the issue reoccurs, exit LivePerson (File > Exit), and locate the plog.txt file from

vista Windows Users:
Your desktop (if you performed step 4) or
C:\Program Files\LivePerson
Apple Logo Macintosh Users
Admin > LivePerson > Logs

Now click to chat with LivePerson Technical Support and ask to send the file during your session.

If you do not have a ticket number, please open a ticket using the web form from the Get Support options in your Customer Center.

If you already have a ticket number for this issue, you can email the file to, including the ticket number in the subject line.Specifying the exact time that the issue occurred will help us locate relevant events in the log and speed up the investigation.

emptyStringNOTE: When the Agent Console is launched, a new log file is written and older ones are removed.